Virtual Reality Game?

Date: 2/21/2017

By kidneypunch

If started as this strange competition i was at with my brothers. I was on the side lines as they played. As the dream played out, it turned into how i half taken over. My older brother was telling me how the game went. I was suddenly thrown into the game and i found myself playing the second to the last level. After i beat it, i found myself beating a bunch of enemies and suddenly found this really big boss. (This was a strange creature but the other enemies were from doom.) somehow i beat the game and found myself in the real world with everyone. As we were being taken out of these capsules, i realized one was in this dump truck, and we went after it. As we were chasing it, i realized it was the final boss and that it had somehow come into our world. I also realized the size difference and i basically gave up because it was too big and there was no way wed be able to kill it like in the game. That's when i woke.