No Alcohol Party

Date: 5/19/2017

By Anaujiram

So I'm travelling along in a car filled with some people that I barely know from waking life. There is this really beautiful girl in the back seat and everyone is trying to make conversation with her, but she won't say much to anyone. So we stop at this gigantic shop selling all sorts of wares. We buy a shit load of alcohol and some snacks. next thing I know is were at this big old house where the party is supposed to be. We walk in carrying our bags of snacks n booze and set them down in the middle of the floor. We take a walk around the house and the party is not going off whatsoever. The only people here are like three old guys. Then it suddenly dawns on me. This is a no alcohol party. I tell the people I came with and mild panic ensues. We rush back to where we put our alcohol and quickly take it back to the car. I go back in by myself to get the last bag, and one of the old guys is standing there over it, with a stern look on his face. He says "is there alcohol of yours in here? You know thats not allowed". It turns out that it's just a bag of snacks on the floor, so I say to him "No, that's a bag of wafers dude, looks like all that devils lettuce has been rotting your brain cells" Then a lot of people show up and are drinking alcohol in very sneaky ways.