Episode 68 - More football and my mum wants a baby

Date: 7/18/2017

By Marvin10

Scene one I am viewing this from a distance initially. It is like a big open park and AFL player Sam Mitchell is in a Hawthorn jumper and is taking on 3 or 4 other players in a game. Except every time he puts his head over the ball an opponent whacks him in the head. I think there is an umpire but they are just ignoring it. A couple of times he is lying on the ground struggling to get up. So now I seem to be part of the action and after the third time I decide I am going to help Sam. Next scene. This one is totally bizarre. My 84 year old mother decides she wants to have another baby and as her and dad can't really do it one of us boys is going to do the deed with a surrogate. So originally it was going to be me. I remember there are some of us kids (I have 3 older brothers irl) sitting on a couch talking about it. Then I seem to have already made other arrangements with an old friend (Kevin R?) to meet up with a couple of prostitutes so I can't help mum so my other brother Stuart is going to have sex with the surrogate. An appointment is made and off he goes. I think he only went a few hundred metres to a house on a hill. In the meantime I think my appointment with the prostitutes isn't going ahead for some reason. I remember getting a phone call from Stuart saying it was done and they should know if she is pregnant within a few hours.