Date: 3/18/2017

By annie2az

I (17) was sat downstairs with my sister (19) and her husband (21) while my 2 younger brothers (10 & 12) were upstairs with her baby (1). The lights were on in the living room but off in the kitchen and the rest of the house. My 10 year old brother came downstairs, leaving on the light in the corridor where the stairs going up are. He left the door open so I saw that the main door knob was turning down. I looked at my sister and told her to look, saying it's probably our father. She just looked at me as if she didn't know what to say so I told her I don't think I closed the garden. Usually for people that wouldn't be a problem because their gate is securely locked or they don't have another way out of the house to the garden but through the main door. We had a big gate that was broken, which allowed our father to go through it and onto the garden. I went to see if I closed the garden door but stopped as soon as I opened the kitchen door (if you go through the kitchen you get to the garden door). In the glass part of the door that led to the garden, I saw my father's drunk face leaning and opening the door. I closed the kitchen door knowing that he will see me if I try to go and lock the garden door. I walked back to the living room and told my sister that I'm calling the police (my father is currently not allowed anywhere near me, my mom or the house) to which her husband replied that he won't get in. I told him the back door is open and my sister told me to go upstairs and call the police. I took my younger brother upstairs and began calling the police with my other brother and the baby in the room while my sister and her husband were downstairs in case he tried something. I woke up as soon as I hit the call button.