Brendon Urie pulls me up on stage

Date: 3/3/2017

By SkcletonCliquee

Ok so this one felt lucid because I felt his hand pull me up but I'm not sure. So the dream starts off I was at the concert, in the spot for the concert, I got my tour shirt from my mom and a flag I bought for myself, which was $40 dollars than $30 dollars which I thought was weird. So, Panic! comes out and starts preforming and they start preforming their song 'Golden Days'. I started to sing along until I suddenly appeared in the crowd, really close to the lead singer Brendon. I reached up to him and he saw me and grabbed my hand and got me an extra microphone and we both sang along to 'Golden Days'. I had my arm wrapped around his shoulders and he had his arm wrapped around my waist. Then, I said that I wish this would never end, then I woke up. I was so mad!! I'm hoping that when I ACTUALLY go to the concert March 15, I will be able to get his attention.