Not Good Enough

Date: 7/29/2019

By EmmerMadsen

I was at a big mansion with marble floors and everyone thought very little of me. There was only three kids and for one woman. The woman had long red hair and warm brown eyes. The kids were all girls my age. I could tell you what each of them looked like but I don’t really think that’s really that important. I would just wander the grounds of the mansion and they would all tell me I’m not good enough for anything. They all were very warm to me despite their words. They would hold my hand and hug me. The woman had such a kind smile when she’d tell me I’m nothing. They would do this everyday. The gardens were beautiful. I was supposed to stay at that mansion for a year but they didn’t follow the Gregorian Calendar. They followed the Bahá’í Calendar which is 19 months and 19 days (I looked it up in my dream). I only stayed for the first week before waking up. Before I woke up the woman (I was sitting at the dining table with her) told me ”make sure you rinse out the soda can on your bedside table before putting in the recycling bin when you return to your body, dear”. Her smile was so warm and loving. I always drink soda at night and in the morning but I never mentioned it so that was something. I’m gonna go do what she told me now.