sending some children home (but of course things get fucked up)

Date: 5/18/2017

By dianalex

it's after some strange ballet class or something and we decide we should escort the children home. everyone else is already occupied doing something else so I have to do it. as we walk downstairs and along the exterior of the school, I bump into a big group of seniors. we chat and an old prof comes along and he chats w us too and in the end it's me, 2 children, a friend (L) and the prof. the prof decides to drive us home. this is when it gets weird. turns out, the prof and my friend are both drunk. for some reason, me and L squeeze into the seat beside the driver's seat, where of course the prof is sitting, together while the 2 kids sit in the back. L is like coming ON to me, touching me all over and obviously making me VERY uncomfortable (we're not close like that) and is constantly making sexual advances and I can't run away cuz we're squeezed in a single seat on a moving vehicle. but prof decides he's had enough and leaves. just stops the car in the middle of an expressway and walks away. what the fuck. and L (who is seriously drunk) threatens to crash the car if I don't have sex with him and I'm like ??? r u crazy??? there are kids sitting in the back and refuse to have sex w him so he grabs the steering wheel, lifts it off of the car (apparently it was a detachable steering wheel and an automatic car??????) and starts driving recklessly. panicked, I fight him for the wheel. When I FINALLY get the wheel, we get pulled over by cops who saw the shit driving and because I'm holding the steering wheel they assume it's me. I try to explain but the male cops won't listen to me and only the female cop would hear me out and believe my story.