Something of a Dreamscape

Date: 3/13/2017

By The_Online_Dreamer

I remember the following things you're about to read. ------------------------------- I was running down alien corridors, hoping to outrun whatever it was that was following me. I don't remember how I got there, nor where i was. I stopped, hoping to get a bearing of where i was. The place looked familiar, but i couldn't understand what I was seeing. The sensations were so surreal, i thought I'd woken up in my distant future or in an alternate timeline. I hear a screech from my left, followed by heavy, echoing footsteps. I pinched myself, slapped myself, held my nose and breathed, punched my arm, then drew an 'A' on my hand, all in that order. Only three worked. The 'A' didn't. I immediately realised i was lucid dreaming, but took it calmly. Getting excited would have woken me up. I hear a voice in my head, saying "Shaun, don't stall and hurry up. The Horde will be there soon." I somehow recognised the voice, but didn't know who it was. I ignored it, hoping to test something. I close my eyes, focusing on white light. My eyelids begin to glow faintly, as i feel myself floating. I look down at my hands, and notice I'm not in the red and black suit. I'm feeling like pure energy at this point. Somewhere, i knew i was in a bed, sleeping, but it felt alien to me. Like i shouldn't be there. I then focus on my present moment. I sense the beings coming my way. I hear her voice in my head again. I remembered her name. Aurora. I then started to lose my glow a little, as i suddenly realised what was happening in this alternate reality. My fictional character appeared to ACTUALLY EXIST. I slowly float my way towards the noises, knowing it's stupid to hide with so much light I'm giving off. I peek around a corner, watching some mutated beasts stampede their way towards me. I step out. "HALT." I yell, putting one hand up at them, in an obvious hero pose. "Step no further, or i release an energy beam." I watch them stop, then flee immediately. Before I even notice what I've done, I've spun around in the air, missing an orb of red energy by mere nanoseconds. It plows along and through the wall of the corridor, as i turn myself around to be faced with what i assumed was the big bully in this ship. I figured it must've been a ship, as i could sense no air beyond certain areas. I back up into a wall, not feeling any fear, as i fire a fusion beam from my left hand whilst i feel myself phase through the wall. I realised I'd just phased into the Earth's atmosphere. 600,000 feet up, or so I'd heard from her voice in my head. I sense her scream in my mind, as i just look around, unaffected by my surroundings. I look down and think one word. 'drop'. I remember nothing for a while since then, as i felt like i shouldn't be there. So i attempted to communicate with the original mind of the body i inhabited. Shaun, who's name reminds me of my fictional character Omni, has been part of a multiverse group who save the human race across many realities. Or so they thought. I don't know how, but the next thing i remember is floating down from the air, to see Aurora in her hero outfit, holding a battered Shaun in the dead center of a huge crater. I drift down, watching a tear make its way down her face whilst she held him close. A purple portal opened behind them, as I finally got spotted by one of their friends who come running out with two others to help them get him home. "Hey, who are you?" I heard the one with a black lightning bolt and blue circuitry based suit say to me, before i feel a weird rod push through my chest. I barely notice it, before i turn around and stare at the alien minion who's stabbed me. I bring my hand up and fire a beam of red electricity and energy in a sweeping beam through all the minions, making the ones who'd been touched by the beam vaporise instantly. The big bad from the ship appeared from a smoke covered area, as if from nowhere, as i fire a now green version of the beam at him. My white form changed into my favoured human body, as I feel more energy inside me. I run across the globe, seeing everything at an absolute standstill, up until a mere 7 Planck‚Äč Instants before my fist could touch the creature. Next thing i remember is appearing from a portal, falling towards the ground. Most of this is a blur to me, but i do remember how it ends as a police chase after me, as i remember running, fighting and flying away from them, wanting to be left alone. I remembered this part of the dream usually ended in me flying through a heavily detailed and enriched canyon filled with water, whilst having helicopters and boats on my tail, firing rockets and guns at me. I decided to change something at the start of the chase, only to have an overheated gallamacium rod, no idea how i remember that, shoved right through my chest after a supposed cop pulls his mask off and says something close to "the time will come, when we can rule your reality. The reality from where you, The Master of The Dreamscape, roam your waking life." I immediately awake with a start, as the rod is plunged through my back, piercing my right lung and burning my body up. ------------------------- I realise in waking the first time after this (it was a while ago this one) that my dreams could be a number of Dreamscapes that could very well be some alternate realities.