a girl in my dreams' battle with her own reality

Date: 2/17/2017

By HarryHood

This time a girl in my dream kept waking up inside her own dream. In her dream she was waking up in a luxury hotel room with 5 other strangers. None of the strangers knew each other. One of them finds a gun and kills the other 5, the girl in my dream being the last one. Every time she is killed in her dream, she just wakes up from the beginning. In my dream she is very distraught about her dream and it is ruining her life. She gores to a hypnotist to explain what is happening. It allows her to go further her dream. Basically eventually she finds out during therapy that she was on a tour bus on vacation in Florida and the bus driver was actually a Terrorist who blew up the bus on a bridge and Killed the girl in my dream, himself and the four other strangers on the bus.....all the people within her dream. The Terrorist being the one with the gun. It was all inception and not real. she realizes this while hypnotized as water floods the hotel room and she is finally able to break the cycle of being stuck within her own dream. She is relieved it is a dream and takes a trip and finds herself on a bus in real life with the strangers from her dream. She dies for real only to wake up back in her dream and stuck in the cycle again.