Date: 5/15/2017

By PhantomDreams

my dream started with two children decked out in dirty winter wear waiting outside an old inn begging for food. One of the children was an older boy and the other was a younger girl. a lady opened the inn door to see them and she started yelling at them. She said that she had once been like that and that they needed to work harder and move up on their own like she had. She slammed the door shut just as the children's mother joined them. the mother started reassuring her children before ushering them away. I was that little girl and as the three of us drove down the highway towards a not so busy road, we talked about things. apparently I was Alice and I could enter this strange competition where the only goal was to reach the end alive. I accepted this role and was given a toy boat. One of my classmates went with me and we traveled alone for a while before coming across a huge pile of fish that piled up underwater called the abyss. two people were stuck on top, but one in particular stood out. he warned us not to come close because once we did we could never escape. I didn't believe him and swam out there with my toy boat. I reached him easy enough and handed him the boat to swim with. then I swam back out to my other classmate, and the man with the boat was astounded at my abilities. he decided to test it out and he too swam out. once he was by me again, he told me I was special and everyone was waiting for me, especially for a certain game. we all then swam for a while and came up to some dry land. we all crawled up and I saw a huge arena before me with grey floors. all around if was a strip of grass with occasional trees. I was confused when suddenly a buzzer went off and I was deemed out. I looked up to see I had been hit with something strange, so now I was out. In confusion I went to the sidelines with a new stranger. he reassured me that it was ok and that we could go back in if we wanted, but only after getting someone else out. that somehow made sense to me. the entire game seemed to be ever moving farther along, so we followed them from the sidelines and the kids out kept multiplying. after a long while, night came and everyone looked for a comfortable place to sleep. I decided to sleep beneath a tree, but my companion warned me that now I could never escape. I decided to prove him wrong. at first I couldn't escape, but then I saw thin lines that were left in the wake of my moving hands. they were pink, yellow, red, purple, and blue. I knew that the pink lines went through objects so I manipulated those to get me out and once again every body was impressed. that was when me and the stranger who had also gotten out with me got to go back in. we crushed it for a while before we got out again. we moved back go the sides and I was mad. As I sulked I saw a girl trying to manipulate those purple lines and her efforts were feeble at best. I sighed and showed her how to properly do it. that was when we noticed the man I was originally traveling was amazing out on the field. his trick was making huge blue lines that held a lot of energy and burned. he got out and rather than being upset, he started showing off his power to us. the girl was amazed, but I was sure I could do the same. I managed to make a big one, but it was weak. the man decided to start teaching me on a sheat of metal. after a while I got it and managed to destroy the metal. I used a bucket full of water to move the hot metal. someone yelled at me that the buckets were only for the elderly and I replied that the metal was heavy and I could do what I wanted. So, I used it and impatiently waited for the metal go cool enough to use again. the man told me it wasn't ready yet, but I got tired of waiting. So I grabbed the metal and asked an inspector lady if it was ok. She said not yet, but a robot came forward and hinged his mouth open to ask if the burn had disappeared. the woman said no and then I woke up.