I kissed my crush at Sofia's party

Date: 7/24/2017

By liviaapinho

Sofia was having a party at her house but it looked a lot like my grandmothers house, she invited a lot of people from São João and Guanhães (my city). At the party there were sushi and muffins. I was in the living room with Thais, Manu and Alice, but there were also other people. Later Arthur Guerra (my crush) arrived and I started feeling awkward so I went to look for the bathroom, it was a very long hallway so I got kind of lost but eventually I found the bathroom. It was green and black, so it was pretty dark. There was also a hallway inside of the bathroom. I stared at myself in the mirror for a while and Gabrielly was taking a shower so we started talking but I don't remember what we were talking about. Suddenly she got out and dried herself with a towel. Her mom came out of the hallway in the bathroom and handed me a towel, but I don't know why. Next thing I know I was back in the living room. Me and Arthur greeted each other. Sofia's mom, my Mom and Alice's mom were at the party and told us (me, Alice, Arthur and Luan) to be the party waiters and waitresses. We didn't want to but we went anyways. It started getting boring and we wanted to kiss each other, so we took a short break and started walking away, but we were caught by our moms. They said that we couldn't stop working because people were hungry, so Alice says "but we want to make out and we can't do that by working". I really thought she was insane by saying that to our moms, but they said "oh, ok go on we can take care of the food". I was actually surprised. Alice went to one of the rooms with Luan and I went to another one with Arthur, who for no reason was handcuffed to Ruiro, one of our friends. We lied down on the bed and Arthur and I started kissing while Ruiro was there watching and he just told us to pretend he wasn't there so that's what we did, we stayed there for a while together and it was really great, except for Ruiro being there haha. My mom texted me saying that I could be with him but she knew him really well because she's his teacher so I'd have to be careful. At the moment I didn't get her text because I was too busy with Arthur. I had to go home so I said bye and he gave me a muffin while I was heading out but I grabbed another one so I had 2. I went home with Cassio, and when we got home I saw my moms text and told her that I would be careful with him and she just said "but he's better than Bruno". I just laughed and ate my muffin, Cassio asked for a muffin but I didn't give him one... and I woke up.