A daydream I had at the beach earlier 🏖... So confusing!

Date: 7/30/2017

By madnewman13😼

So basically I was suntanning on the beach today and got into deep thought. I zoned out and blocked all sound. I day dreamt that I was alone on the beach on an evening when the waves were calm and the sun was setting. I was sitting on the edge of the water wrapped in a towel.. There was a small breeze that blew through my hair. I was staring out far at the water. Suddenly I felt something touch my right shoulder. It was my crush. Without a word he sat next to me and watched the sun set with me. Then he looked at me and I looked at him... He slowly leaned in to kiss me.. I closed my eyes and we kissed. But when I opened my eyes.. He was gone. Like I have been imagining it the whole time. It felt so real...