First Time Drinking Gone Bad

Date: 8/15/2017

By ace200

I was at a party with Donnez and Jocelyn and decided to drink. Everyone was wasted, but I only took so much. I was pretty good at keeping myself focused. Forever these girls came to crash the party who hated Jocelyn and they had history. Some older guys showed up too. Before anything happened, Donnez told me to run, so we went out past the fence and into the night, but guys were now chasing us. We cut through yards and stuff. This wouldn't have been so scary if my younger sister wasn't with me, but then she showed up. I didn't care what happened to me, but I was not letting my sister get hurt because of me. I had to practically drag her to run faster because she was slow and carrying her wasn't an option. Donnez was not slowing down for me either because she found another friend to run with. As we ran, we saw tons of drunk older men walking everywhere and they scared the crap outta me because they all looked dangerous. I saw her go into a house, so I followed and we locked the door. It was her Hi Hop teacher's house who also teaches dance at my school. She agreed to hide us for a little until danger passes, but she wasn't very nice about it. She was sweet to my sister though and let her use the bathroom. Eventually the bad guys came closer so we ran out the back and to another house where a sweet black lady lived with her kids. We all hide in her living room. We heard things being thrown at the house and it would shake, and I held myself over Zoe's (my sister's) body. Somehow my dad showed up and took us home safely. Back home, I found out Jocelyn didn't make it. I saw a flash of her drunk and terrified as she held a gun towards the bad guys and girls coming toward her, but they took the gun and shot her instead. She had a funeral that I vaguely remember in the dream. My parents were mad about me drinking, but I said that everyone tries it in high school at least once, but what happened wouldn't let me try every again.