next level

Date: 2/17/2017

By xoe

A golem like creature attacks me, and another is by my side telling me to kill it. I don't want to kill anyone, and keep trying to beat him back. When I see there's no other way, I chop it with a machete. This results in blood and screaming, but not a nice clean kill. I hacked and hacked until it was dead. The other creature became a beautiful woman in a red dress. We walked up stairs of glowing white cubes. In the next level is a white lounge. Several beautiful women who are supposed to be super intelligent are lounging on couches and chairs discussing how easy their classes are. I turned to the one in my right who was holding a red book and asked her, "you mean there are no books or curriculum or evaluations in your schooling? She answered proud and affirmative. I said "and you are a doctor? Don't you think that's strange? She became unsure. I asked her if she'd ever killed a patient. She started to cry and say "Not on purpose" they all agree that they have killed patients, but not on purpose.