Ex boss’s retirement party

Date: 11/15/2021

By Purple

I had a dream that I was invited to Joe’s retirement party at the job I had 30 years ago. I remember making plans to go, but then someone told me that I needed to get tested for Covid before being admitted to the party. I thought that was crazy. However, I still wanted to comply. I went to the clinic to get tested, and they wanted to make an appointment in a day or two. But the party was that day. I said fine, book me…but didn’t plan on coming back. Thankfully, when I went to the retirement party, there was no issue in admission. I saw another coworker there who worked in the mail room. I asked Luis how was his son. He made some sort of indication implying that his son had died. I couldn’t believe it. I also wanted verbal confirmation, but he could not say those words out loud. Oddly enough, the guy who I had dated at that time was also at the party. I remember seeing somebody wearing a T-shirt across the room and I didn’t know what the writing on the T-shirt meant. I had asked my ex-boyfriend if that was a band or something. He confirmed it was and said that he knew four out of five of the bandmembers. In my dream, he had a podcast. He thought it was a good idea to interview that fifth person for his podcast, and proceeded to write some notes about it to jog his memory later. (In real life, I sent the ex bf a Facebook message about the dream, and he thought making up a podcast was a possibility.) in my dream, the logo of his podcast was his signature/initials. The layout of the office in my dream was the same as the layout of the office when I actually visited my ex-boss in real life a few years ago. It was not at all like the office where we worked in the early 1990s.