Secret Relationship

Date: 7/9/2017

By fxcksxtan98

I was in love with this man i knew him in my dream but now i cant figure him out, anytime we were alone we did whatever we could do, we would kiss passionately, or we would start to have sex but then we would get interrupted. This one time we were at a dinner with some of our friends and we were sitting next to each other and i slyly put his hand between my legs (it was under the table so no one noticed but we were still cautious) i was just trying to put it on my thigh but he was an over achiever and went straight to my clit, and started playing with it, while i was going crazy but couldn't do anything i grabbed his profile and he was rock hard, then he took his hand away and he ever so sneakily put his fingers in his mouth, and continued to eat. My dream ended with us being alone him picking me up and us kissing very sexually. Probably one of the best dreams i had because i felt like i was actually loved (even though we were a secret).