Date: 4/9/2017

By abby234523

I was at school and we were walking down the hallways to the portables and I was trying not to cry. I walk up to this stand place and I'm wiping off tears, and the she said have a good day. Then out of the blue, I I'm happy and I smile. I'm like ok and I laugh. I hear her say, that was so creepy that she was happy. Like boom! As I walk over I remember past memories. I'm tearing up a little bit. I see hot dogs and weird food at a stand. Then I grab some food and ppl are coming over to me. I'm like idk you. The ppl are just grabbing food. DREAM SKIPS OVER I'm leaving the 6th grade hallway, it seems. I'm in a cart. Like a shopping cart. It was rlly rlly weird. And my friends Natalie pushed me out the doors and I'm swinging. As I swing I hear ppl screaming trying to get away from me. Before I know it, they have made like a giant circle or something like that. I try to get off of it, and I'm sitting next to it but I feel like it's still spinning. I'm getting rlly dizzy at this point and I push it away and ppl are staring at me like I jus killed some1 or something rlly bad like that. It was kinda awkward. Then my coach, coach hawkinson, he comes out all smiley. It was my idea. I'm sorry. THE ENDDDDD