Driving Fears

Date: 3/12/2019

By Fitful

I was living at this old farm house/haunted house. We were under attack by ghosts. We had to spell the grounds to make it safe. I went to a school nearby, a few miles away. It was about an hour walk from the house. Not close really, it was the country. I got several good books from school. They were huge and thick and I never bought books anymore due eot moving so many times and having to leave them behind but this time I bought four. I think one title was about philosophy and another maybe about magick and I know one was a comic book. I felt like I had arrived because of them. I got a car, a jeep type thing. It was silver grey or tan. It was great except I was afraid to drive. I'd always been afraid to drive. My mom bought it for me but she couldn't really help with he fear, in fact sometimes she made it worse. Everyone had left and I was alone that day. I really needed groceries so I drive to the grocery store. But I had to cross a bridge on the highway and it panicked me. I forgot how to drive, my concentration made the road wobbly and I couldn't get the car to drive inside the lines, and I was scarred I would crash. I felt very overwhelmed and I couldn't breath. I turned around intending to drive back but I went off into a tunnel and a cave system and stopped there. I might have crashed a bit, but not enough to hurt the car or me. It turned out to be a back entrance to the school. Well I couldn't get my car to start. And I couldn't get the school to let me in, it wasn't open yet. And I couldn't drive without panicking anyway. I decided to go home. On the way out I bumped into a nice lady from school, the guidance counselor, who could have helped me had I asked but I didn't ask. I considered asking but I felt too embarrassed about not being able to drive for fear. I went home and told my mom what had happened and begged for her help. She came with me and my mom and I ended up right where my car was. It was kinda like we were always there, and hadn't had to make the trek at all. We were in the cave system with the locked doors to the school. She banged on the door to the school, the back one inside the cave. It was off white and old and no one answered. The school was closed and it was too far away from the rest of the school, I doubt anyone would have heard it anyway even if school had been in session. I had spent all my money to get the car, even money I didn't have. It cost 15k I think. I had the sudden fear it had been towed. I had no extra money to get it back. I felt scared and helpless. I had tried to use several keys in the door to the school, where they put my car when I abandoned it in my panic. But nothing worked. My mom had thought those little plastic swords you get in fancy food broken off might make good vampire and/or keys. That didn't work either. Finally we snuck in to the place, we hadn't needed a key after, but snuck into the open garage around what seemed to be military security. This school was hard core I guess. I found my car, parked nicely and I don't know why but I kept trying to open it using the key hole at the back end, where the license plate goes. It wouldn't work. It wouldn't open or start. I suddenly realized I had an electric wireless key and beeped the car open and on. I hadn't needed the metal keys at all. I felt silly.