Stop Hurting My Dog

Date: 8/7/2019

By DaydreamRadio

I have a dog, a little puppy that I have to give to somebody to watch while I'm away. I travel with my sister by plane, and then later by train. We've trusted a man to wash the dog, but he insisted on it more than we really agreed to it. you were in such a rush to leave that we barely had time to look for something better. Later, we find out if the man, under the guise of saying he was training a dog, was hitting it and abusing it. On the train, he made the dog perform for tricks. my sister and I announced to the rest of the car and this man was supposed to be watching our dog, but instead was abusing him. I just wanted my dog back, and I'm not sure why I couldn't just take him. There was something wrong with my health. Something with my blood. I don't remember what happened. I was in a big tile building, and I had none of my clothes. I was with my sister outside of the changing room in this building. Everything was covered in small, brown tiles, like a swimming pool if there was no pool. I originally want to put my clothes back on, and I'm not sure why I don't go back into the changing room. I eventually turned around to go there and put my clothes on, and then realize we've been watching two young children who are asleep here. There are two young girls, and now that I've gone back into the changing room stark naked, I risk them seeing me. I panicked quietly as my sister explains to me that this is why I didn't go back in the first place. I feel like she ridicules me for forgetting. I tried to put my clothes on as quickly as I can without waking the girls. They do, however, wake up. Thankfully, they don't see me as I'm changing. It was a narrow escape. Now, I'm on a ship of some sort where a disease is spreading. It's nothing deadly, but something like a cold or a virus. I have to wait in a long line to be able to submit my documents to leave. However, I feel like there are no people here in front of me. I still have to wait and feel like the ship is not only impossibly huge, but also under ground.