My friend and I made out😳

Date: 2/23/2019

By mads_dreams

So I know I haven’t written any of my dreams out in like forever, but I wanted to write this one down just because of how weird it was. It started off with me at my house, and I walked outside and crossed the road to the forest across my street. There was like this big tree house deep in the forest and there were a bunch of people from my school there all partying and such. At one point my one friend, let’s call him Hudson, was at the bottom of the tree house just chilling. I decided to climb down and visit him because he was all alone. He was drinking some sort of alcohol, and he slowly sipped it as he saw me climbing down. The next part I saw him and I laughing about something while sitting on a nearby fallen tree and then he looked at me, grabbed my face, and we randomly started making out. Seeing him as my friend made it awkward but it was just a dream sooo yeah. 😂💀