"Lay My Eggs"

Date: 2/19/2017

By NatFish

I was in a house I didn't recognize with a cluster of people, some I actually knew while others I admired on YouTube. I was staying in the basement area and the toilets were working fine (this is weird but important). I had intercourse with I believe was either my ex boyfriend or Junyu (the first Asian guy I ever slept with). I remember something about a dead animal and being depressed about it. Then something weird happened... I ran into V (from BTS, he was blonde in my dream) and he was chasing me, I finally asked him why and he said he wanted me to lay his eggs (children). Somehow I ended up in my adoptive moms bed and he walked in. We had intercourse and then he had to check to see if "it" happened. He looked happy and said yes it did. He vanished and now the toilets aren't working, and my body seemed chubbier... for some reason I was hiding the fact that I did anything... maybe because everyone seemed to be searching for V...