Fake Apron, Don't Let Ross Drive

Date: 6/30/2017

By seascarlet

1: I went to a salon to get my hair dyed lavendar like it was when I was 20 irl. When I got there I spoke to a stylist who seemed irritated or offended by my "fake apron" I was wearing over my outfit. I was indeed wearing a white apron over my shirt and jeans, for fashion purposes only. There were silver stars outlined in gold all over the chest, and a signature of some sort, possibly a brand name, in black cursive across the waist. She kind of sneered at it and said something about how it was fake and didn't even work the way an apron is supposed to to protect your clothes from spills or whatever. Then she asked if I really wanted lavender hair since I mentioned being in grad school. I realized she was right, that probably wouldn't fly well, and asked her to make my hair pinkish blonde instead. It's already blonde and often turns reddish in the winter, so pinkish should be no big deal. She said she'd call me when she was done with the person ahead of me, but she never did and the salon was going to close soon. I told someone that I thought she didn't like me for being shallow with my fashion apron, maybe because it wasn't real like hers, maybe because she'd worked hard as a hair stylist to earn hers, I wasn't sure. I decided to dye my own hair. It ended up looking really good and I didn't get any on my clothes because my apron worked after all. I think I had David Bowie's song "Fashion" in my head during all of this. 2: An old friend named Ross who used to do a ton of drugs was driving me and another male friend somewhere in a red car. I thought letting him drive was a bad idea and he was probably on some kind of hallucinogen, his favorite. Sure enough he crashed so hard onto an embankment and then into another car that our car fell apart. Everyone was ok though, we each just skidded down the pavement on a different car part. Then some buff, shirtless guys were running towards Ross to kick his ass for hitting their car. I wasn't very concerned by this, just glad nobody was hurt and maybe even entertained a bit. I just sat on a wooded embankment watching the scene unfold.