The game

Date: 6/2/2017

By dreamwalker

In a distopian future, I and the youth are set against each other in a game of survival, almost training in a massive parkade, with guns objective disarm and stay alive. Colors in the dream are in shades of grey black and a blue hue, not too much makes sense there is a Latino guy I see to my left after a level is completed and we have a few moments break, he's a friend, there's a girl straight in front of me short dark hair a friend too, we're the strong in the bunch sort of leaders. The game or tests seem endless, not yet exhausted yet. Either another dream is trying to take place or I'm having flashes of memories, the scene changes its not a parkade it's a stadium I see, I'm walking down stairs with a guy a friend we are friends but we flirt friendly with each other. Back to game I'm running, run into opponent I disarm her easily, move onto the next disarm, I help a girl another opponents coming towards us I tell her to fake being injured I hide jump out disarm the girl running to us. I'm running down down, lights go up made it to next level I'm walking back to where I see the Latino guy on my left and girl straight ahead friends I know them how?