OJ Simpson

Date: 8/23/2017

By rayth

I had a dream I was a part of the OJ Simpson trial as a reporter. All of my family and friends started to hate me because I had some affiliation with OJ. At one point in the Trial, the first day, he walks in and keeps making eye contact with me. I keep trying to lose eye contact with him, but I can't help but be curious. The next day, he walks in and stands right next to me, in orange and in hand cuffs. As the judge is asking if he'll speak the "whole truth", he secretly pulls out a knife and tosses it to me. I catch it and stuff it in my pants as quickly as possible, not wanting anyone to see. He did it to a few other people. He was trying to form a group that he can put his trust into to get him out of this situation. On the third day, he comes in, angry as ever, and starts shooting almost everyone in the room. He doesn't shoot me, however, so I take this chance and run out of the room and somehow find myself at my old high school that somehow got turned into an elementary school. I run into a room with a teacher I can trust, which happened to be one of the teachers I had a crush on in high school. I hold him tightly in my arms, telling him what had happened. He tries to calm me down, but then we hear screaming. I yell for the kids in the class to hide under their desks and I hide in the corner between two windows. It is a woman, perhaps working for OJ, and she's talking to the teacher through the glass, telling him she knew I was in there. She finally sees my leg and starts picking the lock. I start saying my goodbyes to the teacher, holding him again. It was obvious we both had held feelings for one another. Then, she runs in and points the gun in her hand at me. I glance at the teacher, then back at her. She starts shooting me once at every limb of my body. She even shoots the teacher once in the calf. I yell in pain, then she grabs two of the students. I know I must create a distraction so they do not get hurt. So I run out, even with the bullets in my body, and go down the stairs. Suddenly, I'm in Costco, enabling me to hide easily. She finds me eventually, however, in the weaponry department. I stare at her, then grab a gun and shoot her in the head.