x boyfriend

Date: 3/14/2017

By dreamer 07

he enters the end of my dream. Im in the passenger seat of my husbands car, in a parking lot of a store or gas station. i look into the review mirror and there he is, sitting outside the building doors, hanging out, just sitting there. . i start thinking this is an anomaly. i haven't seen my x in 15+ years. i start thinking "i want him to see me but i don't want to personally acknowledge Him." "i want him to see me with my sexy husband." "i want him to see im successful in life." all the sudden i can see that I'm wearing my old t shirt i made for my small business a couple years back. i step out of the car and open the trunk and look inside. he's right behind me, looking at me. my husband comes out of store/gas station, grabs me and kisses me. my X sees all of this. i wake up by my kids...