Taylor Naked Swift

Date: 8/22/2019

By Imetaphor

A friend is driving me to class for a test. I feel ready but remember I think I have a math test after that I forgot about. I get out of the truck (at Samson) and go study outside on a lawn chair, realize I'm distracted, then go to a friend's room to study. I get distracted and watch a Colbert video. He's wearing a really casual sweater with a collar and a jacket and all I can think about is how much I hate it, while he introduces Taylor Swift, but instead of music she's showing off her talent as a magician's assistant, which is a real talent, you haters! Steve says. (Okay now the nudity part. Haha) A footlocker-size box on legs is on the stage. The front compartment opens and TayTay is inside but hard to see. She's wearing a loose top that really shows her breasts when she leans over. Okay, she's topless! She's lightly tanned and her nipples are nice and rounded like they fit perfectly with her breasts. I'm surprised they can show this on TV. She steps out of the box and I have a perfect view of her labia. She's completely naked and completely shaved. She walks forward. Other stuff happens, I feel guilty, I mistake one of my bosses for her, bla bla bla...