Dangerous Roads

Date: 8/23/2017

By jelloisfluffy

It's dark, the streets are black and reflective like they are covered in sheets of dark ice. I avoid them knowing their appearance is deceiving and they are really endless pools of black tar waiting to pull you into their isolated and tranquil danger. There are stray dogs roaming the neighborhoods and I need to keep them safe from the False streets waiting to lure them in. I have a psychic sense that the dogs are either on 24th or 29th street and I have to find them before they vanish. Haphazardly making my way there a see a beautiful Australian Shepherd almost to the edge of the quite yet turbulent tarry road. I lunge towards the dog to protect it, but it pulls away from me barking until I realize it wasn't me it was afraid of but the black sticky tar that had risen up to catch my foot. It was trying to pull me closer and deeper Into it's fathomless pit. As it pulled me slowly in I woke up.