The Ghost Behind The Door

Date: 6/16/2017

By EmeraldTheFoxCat

Me and my family had decided to move to a place that was close to a lake, the furniture and decor in the house were all different then what we had previously. i was fiddling with some sort of nightstand which had one of those old 90' s chorded phones that was wedged in the space of the nightstand, which I peered inside to find a picture, one of a man with a monsterous face (scars and a smile) I turn to see the man in the picture standing right behind me.. In a few moments he dissapeared and I went back to what I was doing. ------------------------ My family and I (was 7 people) all slept in the same bed, and since I was restless I decided to fiddle with something that almost looked like a fireplace, I opened it and would stare into the blackness, then "CREEK" the little door would slam shut, me and the unknown culprit repeated the same cycle and then the lights in the small room (2 lamps on each side of the room) started to flicker on and off. I turned to my mom to tell her there was some kind of ghost in the house, but she would shrug it off and then it would be the next day and the cycle would start over again.