The flow of dance

Date: 4/29/2017

By Alechku

I was at a party and I started to dance by myself to the music and feeling the flow, every move led to another and every sound led to a move. I was so into it I forgot that I had a bag on and the I was on my way out, suddenly I'm aware of it and I start to feel how everyone is looking at me and my friend is saying "you see how he dances? He's in the flow, he can't even put his bag down, if he'll do that ,he won't be able to get the flow back." I've stopped dancing and put the bag down, I try to dance again but something is off and I see my fried smiling at me and I get it, my shoes are to big, I take them off and boom I'm dancing with the flow. Slowly people started to come and dance with me by imitating my moves and I felt like having fun with it started to become bigger all of a sudden everyone was dancing, except one girl, and she slammed with frustration on the stage "no fair, I want to too" she whined "it's ok you can join " I invited, "but I don't know how " she said with embarrassment "just start how you feel like and you'll be fine" I said, by now everybody was hipped to invite her to join us "come on" they said "yeah!"they cheered and she did.