Video a Game

Date: 2/16/2019

By iimtamia

I was a dancer/ athlete. Coach Higgins was teaching us some dance moves. I was with friends, including niyara, Tay, Emma Eitman and Kaitlin. Niyara kind of left me to go hang out with Tay which made me a lil sad but it’s ok. I looked at some dude with loose curls and said that’s that latino curlsss. Idk. Then I had to dance with Jay for some reason and he kept trying to kiss me but Yk I didn’t let his ugly ass get a chance to do that. I then got picked up by my grandmother. We drive through the neighborhood near my school but for some reason(this occurred in another dream) it kind of looked like Italy architecture and we were by a river which reminded me of Natchitoches. Then there was this big ol wall we passed by and niyara mentioned how the city uses turkeys to kill them, giving us power and electricity. We then dropped them off and my grandmother needed to run and errand to give someone a gift. I was on FaceTime with Niyara before we went in. At the top it’s a restaurant, then you walk in under doors that are each lowered down a bit, opening up onto a new floor or area of the house. Is was multi-decked, a maze, accompanied by a multiracial family, Asian and Crèole. This beautiful young girl (age 20) walked out to get a water from the kitchen and saw my grandma there. She gave her a hug and kiss and told her that she’ll see her tomorrow at her orchestra performance starting at 2:15. She then smiles at me and goes off to bed. I then explode the house some more since it intrigued me. I was then a ROBLOX character and so was everyone else sleeping in their beds. I could easily say that there were at least 20 people living in this gigantic Italian Mafia styles mansion, but so didn’t really question it. Thennnn my annoying friends texted me in a groupchat ( in real life) and they were texting so fast back to back that I woke up out of my sleep. Great :))))