Strange encounter with a boy

Date: 6/29/2017

By Safiresea

Don't particularly remember how we got at this stage but there was my sister and me in this familiar room but I can't recall what that room was. There was a handsome boy as well, he's not too old but not so young either maybe in his twenties or early thirties. There were flashes of him in my head that he had a girlfriend, it's weird. We ditched my sister and went outside, like a patio or something but it seems like a big place...too big for a regular patio. There were drinks, I don't recall if he made them for us or not. We were trying to find a place to sit and have our drinks but there wasn't any seats. So he did this strange almost acrobatic maneuver with a few odds and end pieces of junk and turned it into a seating bench for us, except it's slanted. So as we sat down on this slanted bench our body got kinda close and as we sip our drinks and maybe was conversing? I don't remember exactly...but I remember we had a deep moment of connection. There were no kissing or touching but it was leading there until suddenly there was some strange men popping out of the darkness in black hats and clothes. He locked at them and seem to be on the run from them. We got up and run back inside. I was running in the dark calling out my sister's name to tell her we gotta go but it was darkness inside and I did not hear her at all. So I'm running in the dark calling her name over and over and I woke up.