Typical Serial Killer Clown Group

Date: 6/20/2017

By precociousoceans

This night my dream was about being stalked and hunted by a group of people dressed as clowns (I know, how cliché?). The people in my family, none of whom I would recognize outside of the dream, don’t believe me when I start telling them about the people I’ve seen lurking about and around the house. They even accuse me of taking a practical joke to far, telling me that I’m scaring them with one scene I led them to in the garage; the whole place bloodied and decorated in lightly colorful pieces of confetti. Only one member of the family takes me seriously, does some research and finds similar stories that match the pattern of actions I had described. She finds out that at the end of it all they will burn the house and sometimes surrounding houses together in what they call a “campfire” or something related to a mass campfire or group campfire. (maybe bonfire?) I swear the name for this was different but I can’t recall it. I would hear them speaking about it and I guess others must’ve too for it to have been in some sort of report on the Internet. Anyway, by the time we alert the rest of the family it seems to be too late. The clowns have clearly broken in through all areas of the home and we have no idea what rooms are safe. Some fighting occurred as we made our way throughout the house, although I can’t recall what happened within those fights, just that a few people in our family were picked off or just missing by the time the clowns started the fires. What was left of the family was standing by the stairs when flames spread across the hallways and all around us. We couldn’t head for the front door and exit the house so we all ran up the stairs into a master bedroom. We discussed a few methods of leaving and settled on going through a window from another room. But I stopped them before we left. Something was odd. This was obviously a controlled fire and it seemed to lead us right into the master bedroom. This room we were planning on getting to would be difficult to reach. I quietly told them that before we leave we should search the closets, that I felt sure someone was in one of them, just waiting to follow us out. The closets were right next to each other and I started on the end to the right. The third door I opened and there was a man, not dressed so flashy as the rest but still barely recognizable as a member of the clown group. We had a large knife on hand and forced him to give the bowie-knife he was holding. I held the knife on him and began asking him questions when he made a quick move and swirled me around, pulled me in close, His hands were around my jaw and head, ready to execute. At this point I’m seeing myself from one of the other family member’s eyes and the man announces himself as the leader of this clown posse haha. He threatens to snap my neck unless both of them leave the room immediately and try to save their own lives. What he didn’t noticed was that in his grabbing me, I managed to retain the knife and had it inches away from his throat. I pressed it against the skin just outside the jugular and made my own ultimatum, “You try to break my neck I promise I’ll have the blade through your throat before I’m incapacitated.” (Coolest fucking line ever *rolly eyes emoji) There is a sort of a cowboy’s draw as he makes slow movements getting his hands in place and turning it slightly and I press the blade harder against his throat. I didn’t realize and neither had he, that the blade was only moments away from puncturing deep into his jugular, and with one more small push of pressure it did just that. Blood began leaking everywhere. He attempted to twist my head, but something instinctual, and uncontrolled had him release me and grab a hold of his neck. We were relieved past that point, I guess the idea was that without their leader the other clowns would just up and go so that’s what happened. Flash forward, we are living comfortable in our refurnished home and I get a knock on the door. I open it, and it’s a fucking mime, acting all creepy and shit. I mean, of all people in the neighborhood I’m pretty well prepared for anything that might happen next so I grab his shoulder in friendly matter and ask what he wants. Turns out he was actually filming a trailer for a horror movie in which he was the star, the camera crew rolls in hahahahahahah yes yes end of dream. (So I guess th trailer is getting my reaction of a creepy mime?)