Weird violent and scary

Date: 2/10/2017

By dixsilence

I was walking in to a park while hanging out with an actual friend. Somehow we ended making out (something I wouldn't really like to do irl) and getting to third base. Then we went to a local fair, one minute later there was a robbery and a guy shooting in front of me, I got cover behind a metal pillar. I took a gun I had and shot against the bad guy, killing him right away. Then I grabbed the girl and her friend and we got the heck away. The second part was on a underground gothic-ish tavern full of people. I was looking for psychological help and a dude recommend me some PhD pyschologyst woman. I took a bus to another part of the city, while dressed as a Pikachu. We were heading to an anime convention at night near the beach. For some reason I brought my dear pet cat and she escaped somehow. I got so scared and sad thinking she was all alone in a place she didn't know. At the end I took another bus to my department. I got to the terminal put the bus flipped out and there were a lot of wounded children. I went to the uphill zone of the city searching for my cat. At last got to my home and a neighbor said a man found my cat and was planning keeping her. :v