3 Dreams

Date: 6/13/2019

By BattleGuy

1st Dream A meeting between several world leaders a is taking place and my family and I go with several others to see it. Just as it's starting the cave it's taking place in starts to suddenly collapse and everyone trys to escape. Some, while trying to get across a cliffside, fall to their deaths. One woman gives up trying to escape but is convinced by a crocodile to keep going. 2nd Dream I play GTA 5 on my brothers old Playstation 3 and go online only to spawn in the middle of a battle in which I am killed several times. I have weapons to fight back which I use two machine guns and a RPG. I then use a firetruck to run over the remaining players before taking off. 3rd Dream I'm in a cave party that has a TV show host attending who has used the death note from the anime show Death Note to kill off several of his rivals. Though when they don't die and are aware of what he was trying to do, he panics and a shootout ensues. I escape along with several other people and I run into the Smith family from America Dad where I find out that if I said "What's up" it would cause Stan to vomit,m which I say three times to mess with him.