It's hype

Date: 7/22/2017

By Bito

I remember walking down some place similar to portage mall but it wasnt in a building it was actually outdoorsy. It's hard to explain. Imagine a mall but outside. Kinda like Dyagon Alley but a lot nicer. I was Making my way Around when I see a familiar Ella. I hate meeting people in public so I try to avoid her but I was in a crowd and people behind me were pushing me closer and closer until I'm right in front of her. No way out of this one. She was with Jessey and some other people so I didn't want to be weird so I was like HEYYYYYY. I dunno what happened but we all were making our way down the mall and I heard Giddy from a distance. I look up and he's on a belcony. "Is that the legend?". He was shouting out loud and I got hyped for some reason. I forgot where I was and just got lit. I was jumping through people and shit. It was fun. I had a false awakening. I wake up. Find my laptop right beside me. It's broken as fuck. Being me. This made me so upset. I was like nah huh. This is a dream. Right before I wake myself up. I realize no wait I could make this lucid. But it was too late I wake up and find my laptop intact. I was happy but sad. Sad but happy.