I just kept escaping.

Date: 6/25/2017

By kaptainkayla

it started off with me going out for a birthday dinner with family, except we lived in a more 1870-1915 England, but some modern stores and streets were there. there was some reason we had to take separate cars but whatever, it ended in me and them going home and I eventually ran out the door and into the night where I woke up in a castle. it was the Queen's castle and I was one of her neices or whomever. not much happened but that night me and my best friend, maybe twin sister or close cousin began secretly hanging and murdering people we believe were wrongful in the foyer of the castle, the people hanging from the banisters. we woke up the next morning, dressed in our fancy black mourning clothes (we always wore black) before anyone else in the castle and made our way out of our rooms and down the stairs, speaking to each other that we must not show feelings of remorse or such, and to act normal. to which my twin sister started looking over the stairs banister (the stairs went down a good amount of levels and you could see to the bottom ) and eventually began crying and screaming and jumped down despite my telling her to please not. she died and I went on down the stairs. this scenario next repeated and changed a few times. I wanted to leave the castle and run away. the first time, I was in the foyer leaving and hearing someone behind me scream as they discover the bodies and so I began running in my dress, out the doors, into the night where the sun was barely rising, it was still dark. then the scene started again except I was exiting out a different entrance to the foyer where there were people calm and happy and they looked at me with the dead bodies above them smiling asking me to go take a picture with the queen. I started. crying and screaming no she's only going to shoot me as I ran out the door like before, expecting to get shot. I made it further but kept going straight. an do then the scene started over, same as before except when I ran out I ran straight, took a right turn and kept taking turns until soon was running around in a forest. things lit up saying different months and names and all that until eventually I got to the end of the forest. I heard a couple behind me talking and they found me and told me I was the one, and they adopted me. we went through the end of the forest and I was changed, different name and clothes but I had the same purse and memories. it was also a different time era, we were in America 60s/70s having just immigrated here from Egypt (I don't know why either). and we were in a room with tons of other people and these people from England come in describing the scene and what happened many years ago and they think the runaway princess may have now escaped to America (it felt like new York) a lady yelled and pointed at me saying it must be me I have the same purse, yanking it from me. I got very scared, trying to defend myself but I couldn't speak as she was yelling "it's her get her" when the guard said relax, they've come across the same handbags from many people who had just had the handbag and bought it froma store and he said I was free Togo. then I was on a bus, like a city bus, with a guy I must've befriend soon after and taken with cause I was in different clothes, not as proper. definitely more 70s rock and roll groupie hippie kind of clothing. we got off at a stop in the middle of no where, walking to someone's house where a huge party was being thrown. we walked in and we're walking down a hall and the first door on the right had guitar coming from it and the whole house was lit from colored and yellowed light bulbs and there was music blasting everywhere. orgies were happening in some rooms and other people were making out. a guy came around to me when I sat on the couch in the back room and we fucked on said couch and then I fucked a different guy in the bathroom and left him there. I ignored everyone else and I walked into the room where I heard guitar. it was at the front of the house so on the wall to my right were windows covered in heavy curtains. the wall I entered through with the door had a long couch going down it cause it was a huge room. there was a pillar in the middle of it and some bed in the corner and tables and clothes and trash everywhere. I came in, asking if anyone had an extra cigarette. they looked like I invaded some private group but one of the girls was smoking weed from a one hitter and she looked at them and then atme up and down and smiled saying "no but we do have some of this if you wanna fill it" I couldn't hear her so I came closer saying "I'm sorry I was just next to a speaker I can't heae you" where she rolled her eyes and giggles and said here and handed me the pipe and weed and it took me a moment to get a hang of the pipe (it was weird) but eventually I was high and making conversation with this one girl on the couch as all the other sat,. high and listening to the music. I complimented their styles and party cause they were the friends of the one who threw it. I suspected the weed had a little bit of crack laced, I don't know why, but I did. randomly, Tori (someone I vaguely know IRL, friends of some of my friends, older than me) came in and me and her were both like woah what are you doing here. and she told me we were gonna have to leave. I say bye to the other girl and fo with her. it's now daylight on a farm next to the party house and modern times and I'm trying to call my parents to get a plane ticket to go back home after this mess. turns out I'm in Florida somewhere near fort Lauderdale (idk if thats accurate buy I know where we were on the map but the map showed fort Lauderdale around us) everyone was helping around, waiting to hear back. and then I woke up just as I was about to hear if I'd be getting home or not