Zombie Apocalypse 13 Reasons Why

Date: 8/2/2017

By jevan

So i was at a swimming competition and the room was packed and it has stairs up to a balcony where you had to dive from. I was watching from above as I dived into the 10m deep pool with my pretend 'girlfriend' cheering me on in front of the press. I think i won and when i got out the press surrounded me asking questions. I said something about it being "dark and lonely". On the way down from the balcony on the spiral staircase, I bumped into this girl called cherry (black girl from 13 reasons why who ran over the stop sign, unsure of her name) and she thought i was talking about her in the interview. i think she liked me. (i think I'm secretly involved with one of my competitors.) Anyway she follows me and a group of friends outside. We're kind of like the group of friends in 13 reasons why. She ends up inviting herself along, its maybe my birthday? We cant find my driver or the big coach (I'm rich af i guess) . I should say its very dark right now and we're in this big car park in the backstreets of a city. Suddenly, this door opens far on the other side of the parking lot and this crazy guy with long scraggly hair starts running at us, he seems to be on drugs like bath salts or something although can't really see from where we are. We all start running. Its morning now and we're all still running for our lives. Our driver is with us now too. We're now way out of the city in the desert like route 64. The guy is still on our tail, the driver stops running and turns around and starts running in the opposite direction straight at the guy. He has sacrificed himself for us. We all keep running theres no time to stop. still on the main road, we come across more people all of a sudden and this is when it finally clicks that they're zombies. but fast ones! We go off-road but they all follow us, we get separated . Im about to die because I'm running out of energy when Drew Barrymore comes in and kills them all with a machete.