School chase: sleep paralysis/lucid

Date: 2/5/2019

By chell

I was at school and waking down the stairs. I think I was chasing after a classmate for some reason. Did she have something of mine? There was a shady figure in the corner and as I got closer I could see he was a man. He was staring at me in a really primal/intense way, looking like a rabid dog- I was terrified. Then I flipped off the stairs in slow motion and was floating in the air for a few seconds before landing. This is when I became lucid. The man still was a concern but I realized I could float away if I wanted. I flipped again, and again and started to feel euphoric. I then realized my sleeping body could not move and I couldn’t stay with it. The panic set in and I had to fight to move and free myself from the paralysis.