Most wanted by the police at my school undercover

Date: 3/25/2017

By katiepainter97

Night of ‪feb 6th‬ It was an overcast day and I walked down the coldesac to see there was a competition between pius and bt to see who's car was the heaviest on a teeter totter and so I stayed. It was in front of my neighbor, Adams, house and I was standing in his driveway with zach and a few other people. George's car was in the competition. He had a 4 door black Jeep Wrangler. Me and zach were joking around and we told him to jump through the cracked window of his car and he did it. But his car got on the teeter totter and bt won against him so as a reward we had no school the next day. I went to school anyway with a few other people to do the news cast and we stayed until dark. As soon as I was done filming, a printed note from the police was slid under the door. It said "we were going through your school rosters, and we found a man we've been looking for. No one go near jack redman, his real persona is the Holemen." And as soon as I read that I started running trying to find open doors to go through to get out. And the only door open was one to the science room. After I went through that, I saw a few other people leaving. It was lily, hunter, lizzie, and a few others. So we were walking to the parking lot. It was pitch black so I was just deciding to go home, but lily needed a ride home. So me and lily started walking towards my car which was all the way in the back of the parking lot with no other cars around it except a cop car. And I started walking slower because I was starting to notice the cop car was fake. So I then got scared and casually started walking to the car. The speaker from the cop car said " freeze and put you hands up" but I didn't. Lily did and she said "katie do what he says he's a cop" then I said "no he's not he won't do anything get in the car". That's when the guy ran out of the cop car and I ran and locked my door. But lily didn't get to lock her door in time. So as soon as she was getting into the car the guy grabbed her arm and started pulling. She didn't scream because she was so shocked. So I closed my eyes and prayed my plan would work. I started moving forward since lily was latched to my car door and the guy wasn't. So I started going a little faster and the guy could barely keep up. And that's when I break checked him and he flew forward and lily got in the car and locked it. We started speeding off because he started to chase us, then he got side tracked so I looked over. We were in my front yard for some reason and he tried to go and pet my dog. So I started speeding down the hill because I knew she'd chase me. As soon as I got to the bottom of the hill I opened the door for her to get in and she did. The guy was bolting down the hill with the angriest face. For some reason we got caught at his house. That part wasn't bad. He ended up just needing a friend, but did the wrong thing to get one. So we hung out there and I just kept insulting his intelligence while my sister was drawing, but lily was still scared. So she started calling the police. And he looked over at her and she ended the call. The man was tall, white, with light blonde/ginger hair.