Scary old lady

Date: 3/28/2017

By fxcksxtan98

So i was in this house it looked old but it wasn't it just hadn't been lived in, in a while, part of the kitchen was flooded, the house looked very neglected like someone had just upped and left like something bad happened, (in my dream it was my old house) all three of my old dogs were there Lula, Bugsy, and Capone. Lula was to my left and just laying on the ground not moving, Capone was to my right and he was laying on the ground curled up not moving, Bugsy however was on this pile of things? Curled up not moving it was very strange. I went to the kitchen and for some reason i started clearing the sink out but the sink was blocked off it was like a piece of metal with caulk around the sink drain so the nasty old water/food couldn't go down, so i started hitting that piece of metal with a spoon and it created a tiny hole and you could hear the water start to drain, so i hit a couple more time and made a huge hole all the water drained and i felt like i was done with whatever i was doing i noticed all my dogs were gone and i was walking towards the door, i was like 5 feet away from it, i started to hear this old woman laughing and to my right was this stair way i look up and theres this extremely old woman naked and laughing and she starts running at me i run to the door and get out side i close it and i turn around so im facing the door still walking away she opens the door and starts walking towards me slowly i pick up rocks to throw at her and my dream ends with me laying in the dark, breathing heavily feeling like shes still there in the room i quickly turn on my laptop to make my room light up and feel a little better, now im sitting here sweating writing this trying to find the courage to go back to sleep. This old woman has ruined many fucking dreams i will never forget the other one.. So yet again i was in this old house it was mine but upstairs somehow led to this jungle, i was up on this over hang that had trees on it, and beneath it was this river, on the other side of this river was just this flat piece of land that was rock. I start to walk through the trees and get to the edge of the over hang and i look up to the other side of the river, and theres a woman on that flat rock she looks like shes from the 20's, like the way Jane dressed in Tarzan with her little umbrella, except she was wearing all white and she was dead. i try to figure out a way down the over hang but as soon i start to, i hear the old lady start to laugh so i run to the door its locked and shes getting closer and closer and i cant figure out a way outside, i feel like I'm going to die and then i wakeup when shes like two feet away from me. And that dream has happened at least more then two times