The Other Rejectors

Date: 3/2/2017

By Fitful

I was living in a house with family. Suddenly they hired a nanny and kicked me out, even tho there was an extra room for the nanny, she didn't need mine. I went on a trip to visit my aunt in another town, took the escalator there, and ended up at a church function which offered food. I tried to pick out palatable food but I only thing I found was vegan was bread. I took a lot of pictures and posted to Facebook to rub in my family's face how happy I want. I thought I saw my ex step mother sitting at the tables eating but when I spoke to her it wasn't her I don't think or I spoke to the wrong person who wasn't her. My aunt was less than happy too with her private life. I fell asleep on the couch she got a lot drunk and passed out on the floor. A guy friend of hers laughing and drinking champagne with her until the wee hours. Apparently he made and sold champagne. They both found it it disgusting but drank it anyway. There was something about pillows laying in my face as a I slept which she had had near her crotch. They both immaturely found it hilarious. The next morning I looked for a job. I was eager to have a new start in this new small town. It seemed something to look forward to, a different job market. Before I could begin my search she kicked me out. Made some excuse and kicked me out. I found myself crying and some cool chick finding me like that. She offered me a place to live across the street maybe across town. It was a nice sort of town, in a nice little bar corner house. I found myself with this cool girl, she totally sympathized about myself situation and genuinely offered me a room. I saw brooms were sorta theme in this town, maybe Witches a theme, and joked about not being able to get a job as a cleaning lady as they all were probably the rage. I danced around with a broom smiling and laughing. I did get a job. Later I am at a job and headed in for another. I ask the guy in the office for directions. He's a police man of some sort, and he makes a lot of fuss about the idea to take me my job. Scolds me like it's my fault I didn't plan it out right. It was an hour away and and hour and 14 minutes before I needed to be there so I didn't much know what he was talking about. I did intend to take the bus but he insisted. The town was small so people insisted on doing a lot.