The Following

Date: 8/5/2017

By linabat10

This lady came into my house and started fucking shit up and then killed one of the people at my house, he had roller skates. We go outside and keep dodging this thing. Then we realize shes blind which we try to use to our advantage. I jump onto this pile of trash and she stops dead in her tracks and looks at me. Long black hair that covers her face. I probably had my Oh shit face on. lol Tried smacking her with a chair and didn't do shit. Then she somehow gets onto a motorcycle (cause this bitch wasn't already scary af.) She backs up and gets a head start towards me. Just as I was about to be smashed I flipped her with a pole to the face. Then just started repeatedly‚Äč smacking her. All of a sudden shes changing her face was like a pillow. This didn't stop me I keep punching with all I could. The pillow form turned into a picture and I ripped the fuck outta that shit. We suddenly were back in the original room and someone grabs the doorknob. We all held our breathe and it was the same guy in the beginning with his roller skates! We all breathe out a sigh of relief. As soon as we felt comfortable another person barges in and again freaks us all out (it was actually pretty comical ) Then I woke up...