She IS the Concept!

Date: 8/3/2017

By dj12johnson

In this dream, I can remember traveling with a few people. A small elite team who had magical capabilities. I did as well. I never heard or saw any backstory to either of the two I was with, but I did notice that their faces, and everyone's faces in this dream were blurred out. Almost even scribbled. But I did see that one was dressed like a British settler with an old fashioned rifle in his hand. He never used it as a gun, though. It was used for magical purposes like his equivalent to wand or staff. There was also a female with me as well. She was dressed in all black like an old witch. She had an actual witches broom as her magical tool. I can remember looking for something. We had just arrived to a temple we were looking for somewhere in the middle of the desert. It was night time, but the stars were not out. Something strange was happening and we could all feel it. We started looking through the temple (which seemed to resemble a sort of Egyptian style along with a sort of modern technological twist to the designs and hieroglyphs all over the place). When we made it into the center of the temple, we found what looked like a control room. Like what you would find in a radio tower. Except, like in Egypt, it was all made of stone, covered in dust, and barely visible with torchlight. Except it wasn't really torchlight. The female that was with me was holding her hand out and a ball of fire was lighting our way. Anyways, when we arrived, we looked around for a minute. Then, I walked to the center of the room, whipped out my saxophone, and started playing a beautiful tune. I have NO IDEA what it was but it was gorgeous. And while I was playing, these big square things on the control panel started to light up and show images like a monitor! They were like little TV screens. They showed of this woman. She was HUGE. I can't really remember what the screens showed her doing, but I know that it was bad. Betrayal or something. Suddenly a giant hand grabbed the female I was with and slammed her into the monitor we were looking at! When we turned around, it was the woman from the screens. The witch, barely clinging to life, threw me her broom and screamed, "She IS the concept, (can't remember exactly what she called me)! Go!!" The man and I took off for the entrance and escaped. I then flew off on her witches broom to this giant tower nearby. This thing went up for miles and was similar in design to the temple. It had four sides like a pyramid, but super stretched out upwards. I flew down and started flying up and around the tower in a spiral and played the same tune as earlier. (Also I got a good look of my hands this time while playing and they were NOT mine. They looked longer and wrinkly on the back. They're at least not the ones I own now.) The many hieroglyphics on the four sides all started glowing. Once I flew passed them in the spiral, they began to shine very brightly. I also noticed a trail of sparkles behind me. Finally, once I made it to the top, the tower started to open up on all four sides. The top stayed in place, but the bottom of all four sides started to float upward until they were horizontal. And then I woke up.