dream of abby

Date: 4/12/2019

By ehthea

i had a dream last night where my best friend, abby was a murderer. She would kill people who she thought were attractive and just stare at their dead bodies. The bodies were clean, as if they hadn’t been killed. the only thing off about them was that they had no eyes. not even any eye holes, it was just flat. she had a ton of bodies, in a box under her bed. she lived down in a basement in this dream for some reason. we were sleeping outside of her room, when her mom came downstairs and a look of panic ran directly over her face. her mom opened the door and there was a body, hanging from the middle of the ceiling. her mom called the police and the whole house had to be questioned, and the house was all wet and flooded as if they were cleaning it when i came back in. Abby apparently locked herself in the bathroom because she would not come out. They sent abby to a mental hospital and i never saw her again.