getting chased

Date: 5/10/2016

By Doodoo

I dreamt that i was in a car with a japanese woman. I was sitting in the back while she sat in the front. She wasn't normal and i felt like she was evil so i started to twist her head in an attempt to pull her head off and kill her. She wouldn't die and instead stared at me with creepy eyes mumbling to herself. Scared, i got out of the car and started running away. She followed me and was very fast, like a rabbid zombie. I ran through some rocks and made it to an ocean. I started flapping my arms and flew up over the ocean slowly to escape the woman. Suddenly i was in a parking lot with an unknown friend. A man was chasing us so we hid in a car. The car i hid in was too small so my leg was sticking out and the man saw me and approached me as he got off his motorbike. Then i woke up