Hospital Shooting and Dead come to life

Date: 8/15/2017

By pea-p0d

My and my family were on a trip to visit some family but the entire trip was by foot so we were all resting by these benches in front of a hospital. We were all chillin when all of a sudden this creepy group pf people all run out. One was in a wheelchair but looked like a burned corpse the other had a walking stick and limping/running, the third one was speed crawling, and the last one was running normally. It was creepy because they were all dressed in black head to toe and you couldn't see their faces. After they ran out a whole bunch of other people ran out including people with guns. They started threatening people and putting guns to people's heads. One woman came over and put one to my head and said if I moved she would shoot. Apparently this was the escape plan of the hospital patients. In the end a bunch of people got shot but my family somehow made it. Turns out that the corpse looking person in the wheelchair in the beginning was my grandma. She had passed away but the hospital was doing tests on dead bodies to bring them back to life and worked. That's all I remember.