Hot guys in France

Date: 7/12/2017

By MsBananaNanner

My brother is telling us about a trip he'd gone on to France, except that we somehow had this way of transporting ourselves into memories and experiencing them firsthand and even interacting and stuff. I go into the memory and we're all on this soccer field with a bunch of kids (it's like a missions trip sort of thing I guess) and there are a whole bunch of kids running around. For the first few minutes I'm just watching, observing the memory from my brothers point of view and I can't control anything, but then I eventually get my own body and can interact. There is a really attractive guy on the team so once I get my own body in the memory thing, I just kind of follow him around for a while. He can't speak a word of French, and apparently no one, even the others on his team, could speak a word of English. I can speak English of course, but I don't want to bring attention to myself (cause I'm happy being a creepy stalker) so I pretend I can't understand him either. He's trying to explain to a group of kids how to play soccer, (except he kept calling it basketball) and then switched to "football" to see if any of them would recognize what he was talking about. He was really dramatic and made the kids laugh and it was actually really adorable. We eventually get a game started, but because we have so many people who want to play, we modify the game. Each team gets half the field, and then all members spread out and stagger themselves on the field, kind of like volleyball. You're allowed to move from your spot, but it's essentially like volleyball where you have to stay generally in that spot. The goal is to hit the fence behind the other team, but if you hit the side fences without the other team touching the ball, you lose the point. Meanwhile he and I and a few others are all drinking a bunch of beers that all just taste like cream soda. (They were super good and I had like 5 but wasn't drunk) I'm super bad at sports but I wanna impress this hot guy so I decide to play. No one will ever pass me the ball, like usual, but eventually I start to prove myself as a valuable player. Hot guy is on the other team and is pretty good at the game. Some of the locals show up to watch and a few women know English. They hear hot guy talking (no one else could understand him so he's basically just talking to himself) and then quip something back at him. He makes some witty comeback that makes me laugh, and then I realize that now everyone knows that I know English--including hot guy. I get nervous, but then he's actually really happy that I know English and we end up having shouting conversation across the field that no one can understand--mostly just smack talk about the game. We begin to get more competitive, and while I'm not sure that my dream was necessarily lucid, I could control certain things as if it was. I never had a moment where I realized that "this is a dream" but when I concentrated hard enough I told myself that I had magical powers and suddenly that was true. I could telekinetically move the ball, so I would bring it to myself more and make other people miss. (I still wanted to impress hot guy) Some sort of prince/royal guy or whatever showed up, trying to talk to me. He was apparently an ex boyfriend of mine and wanted me to take him back. He wasn't super desperate and annoying about it, and I actually felt fairly bad for him. I still liked this guy, so now I was torn. I liked them both.