Date: 4/18/2018

By Moonlight233

I was originally on the bus sitting with Tameka and I yelled at this kid who was being an ass. Then I arrived at school and chilled with Lily, Jen and Carly. For some reason I took off my shoes and left them there (the bottom grass area) then I ended up going back with Mr Sassi (drama teacher) to get them. Then I went with Lily, Jen and Carly into this weird area and we kinda became the Scooby gang, THEN IT CHANGED. I was at this music place with the band (except Billy, sorry Billy.) and we were hanging with this other band who were cool and great people. Then Kalila popped up and started offending our band and the dude from the other band (we’ll call the band NL, cause two members who were good friends with us were Nina and Leo.) started backing us up and he was like “They’re actually a really great band! and also attractive.” I, naturally, just laughed and Jen and Carly thanked him and said we was alright looking, idk. THEN Kalila was being a mega bitch and was like “Well what the heck do YOU play.” And so I answered bass, and Jen jokingly said “And if she shut up and just listened to us, she could sing back up.” And so Kalila laughed and agreed that I should shut up and that’s all I should do. She basically just offended me then I woke up to an alarm cause the twins are coming over today.