Party/shark nightmare

Date: 5/25/2017

By babygirlevie

There was an art gatho and we were hanging out but the house was all set up for a party like it was dark with blue lights and music. We hung out for a bit but then someone brought out pills and started crushing them. I wasn't going to take them but someone said something about 'Ally' being good to loosen up and I wondered if it was like molly, and then I decided to take it. Campbell green smeared lines on his arm and after a few people went I bent down and sniffed but didn't get it all. I started feeling it straight away but not super strong so I bent down and livked/kissed the rest of it and also the whole last row. I started tripping and I was just dancing and it was wild but crazy and I felt like I was alone. Everyone got hungry so trying to look sober I went upstairs to ask my parents if there was food or if we could order pizza, and they already had these huge boxes of pizza. Dad picked up some leftovers of what they had eaten but mum wouldn't let him put them in a box because they were vegan and she didn't want to cross contaminate but I tried to explain that I'd just eat the other vegan pizza, and I was thinking about how I wouldn't eat any of it. That scene kind of cut before we resolved anything. We partied all night and it felt like a long time. Then we went on a road trip and I think there was alo and some others from skins in one car and then me with mr and mrs smith like brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in another car and so we stop at maccas for a pit stop and they all get food and alos car heads off straight away but we sit down and they start eating burgers and fries. Then brad Pitt goes off somewhere up the stairs and out the back of the restaurant and we wait for ages. Meanwhile this obese mum and her aunt and obese kids sit at our table and angelina gets up to look for brad Pitt and I stay there for a while. Then I look up and see that she's sat down outside the door on the top part of the restaurant so I grab our tray and join her. The obese women move up to the top level too but sit away from us and they thank me and we have a polite little laugh together across the restaurant. Then it gets weird. I'm back at the bottom floor of the restaurant and right next to where the tables are it's water. Then, brad pitts legs and half his torso drift past and I end up in the water. Two more bodies drift past and there is an aerial scene and the voiceover of a television newscaster explaining something about mysterious deaths and sharks. I fall in the water and begin to panic, a shark almost gets me and I feel it's teeth tickling my leg, but other customers have made floats out of the (metal) tables and chairs sort of stacked together with the legs all facing up so I climb onto that, but keep falling off. I'm almost got twice, and the third time I realise the shark is brad Pitt, he's not cut in half and he's laughing at me. His hair has also grown all wild and he has a beard. We get back to Angelina and they embrace. We go out the door he first left from and I think that's it.