Merricks Dad and I have a Joyride

Date: 5/23/2017

By drunchee

So my mom is underneath a street lamp emitting blue light and she's calling up Merrick's dad, Chris Hirt, cuz I told her I was bored. So, I guess he and merrick picked me up and we went to a gas station to get snacks. After that we drove to some sort of theme park and road on a roller coaster. Merricks dad might've somehow turned into Garretts dad throughout this dream, I wouldn't be surprised, considering it went from night time to broad daylight randomly. Next, I'm at Merricks house by some old steps indoors. His house is messy but nice, like Aydens kind of. Then me and Merrivk and Brody go to school, where we are doing labor? Like lifting boxes and shit near the locker room. We hear marcos Alex and john, and Brody warns me not to alert them of our presence but I do anyways by going "woo!". I guess Brody didn't want any less cool dudes around. The end